Investor Case Study: Upgraded Cash Flow Property in Kyle

Property Need: Property under $250K, south between Buda and San Marcos, minimal maintenance, cash flow above $100 per month, and greater than 8% return with no appreciation. Subject Property: 1-Story home in Kyle, great access to I-35, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, turn-key, 1,207 SqFt. Financials: List Price: $184,900 Lease: $1,500 per month Taxes: $3,812 No… Continue reading Investor Case Study: Upgraded Cash Flow Property in Kyle

Preparing Your Home for Summer

Your home is most likely your largest investment. As we enter the summer months, make sure you are keeping up with regular maintenance to save yourself from unnecessary headaches and expenses. Protect your investment and keep you family safe and cool by performing these recommended checks. Clean and inspect your refrigerator—including door gaskets and coils… Continue reading Preparing Your Home for Summer

Working With a Lender – What You Need to Know to Get Started

There are very few reasons why someone would choose to purchase their home without a loan. Interest rates are at historical lows, and there are tax benefits that make the return on using your cash somewhere else extremely attractive. Assuming getting a loan is your preferred course of action, a lender will need to be… Continue reading Working With a Lender – What You Need to Know to Get Started

5 Millennial “Roadblocks” to Homeownership

As a Millennial myself, I strive to find a financial solution that affords my family more resources for entertainment, travel, and paying off that student debt. When I entered the real estate sphere, I realized that the solution is simple and surprisingly more attainable than you may think: Homeownership. Many Millennials associate homeownership primarily with… Continue reading 5 Millennial “Roadblocks” to Homeownership

How to Choose the Right Agent – and PERSON – For You

There are 9,561 real estate agents who are affiliated with the Austin Board of Realtors at the timing of this article’s release. That means approximately 1 out of every 100 Austinites is a licensed real estate agent. With such a wide variety of people to choose from, how do you know you are choosing the… Continue reading How to Choose the Right Agent – and PERSON – For You