Competing on Unrecognized Battlefields

It is nearly impossible in today’s world to completely differentiate yourself as a company. If you do and enjoy success, you can expect a host of competitors that will strive, and succeed in many cases, to copy your value proposition. So where does that leave us as leaders? Our job as the visionary is to… Continue reading Competing on Unrecognized Battlefields

CASE STUDIES: Multiple Offers

As many of you may have heard, buyers in the Austin market often face the challenge of competing against other offers for the house of their dreams. This can be a stressful ordeal and is one of the many reasons home buyers in Austin should interview multiple agents before moving forward with a real estate… Continue reading CASE STUDIES: Multiple Offers

Late Summer Festival Fun

Back to school certainly doesn't spell the end of summer festival fun in and around Austin. Mark your calendar and usher out the summer season with these upcoming activities. August 29 - September 4: Out of Bounds Comedy Festival Spend your Labor Day week with local comedy acts Thursday through Monday at various venues around… Continue reading Late Summer Festival Fun

Focus On The Best, Be Prepared For The Worst

I have visited with a few business leaders recently that have reminded me of an important mindset I maintain that is so integral my team’s job/life satisfaction. Leaders must focus on the best case and be prepared for the worst case. Most people naturally conjure up the worst case scenario or dwell on the bad… Continue reading Focus On The Best, Be Prepared For The Worst

Winning in Multiple Offer Situations

As you may have heard, the Austin real estate market is going through what we call a “seller’s market.” This happens when the ratio of buyers and sellers is not balanced, meaning that there are more buyers in the market than there are properties available for sale. Fact: We live in the greatest city in… Continue reading Winning in Multiple Offer Situations

Home Renovations: Best Bang For Your Buck

Whether you are preparing to sell your home, or just looking to execute some home renovations this year, updating your home does not have to break the bank. Small projects can improve the look and value of a home. Maintenance Routine HVAC maintenance per year can cost up to $150. In the spring, make sure… Continue reading Home Renovations: Best Bang For Your Buck

4 Things to Consider When Selecting a Builder

1. CUSTOMER SERVICE: Do you connect well with the sales counselor within the community? You and your real estate agent will be spending a lot of time with this person. You want to make sure the person leading the efforts on building your home possesses knowledge about the product, strong communication skills, and a genuine… Continue reading 4 Things to Consider When Selecting a Builder

The Advantages of Buying New Home Construction in a Master-Planned Community

Today's new homes offer more benefits than ever before. Here is a quick list of the top reasons why so many homeowners prefer new homes to used houses. LIFESTYLE - benefit from more than just a brand new home design New home construction is generally found in a master-planned community (MPC) developed by an experienced… Continue reading The Advantages of Buying New Home Construction in a Master-Planned Community

Preparing Your Home for Summer

Your home is most likely your largest investment. As we enter the summer months, make sure you are keeping up with regular maintenance to save yourself from unnecessary headaches and expenses. Protect your investment and keep you family safe and cool by performing these recommended checks. Clean and inspect your refrigerator—including door gaskets and coils… Continue reading Preparing Your Home for Summer