Your Austin Holiday Giving Guide

We are committed to being charitable and dependable members of our community. We truly believe that our business and lives are made richer when we share what we have with others. In an effort to share that giving spirit with you as we enter into the holidays, we are honored to pass along’s collection… Continue reading Your Austin Holiday Giving Guide

The BIG 3 to Focus On to Sell Your Home For Top Dollar

I have never heard someone say, “I am not concerned with selling my home for top dollar.” It makes sense that we never hear this, right? For most, their home is the largest vehicle for retirement saving in their investment portfolio. So, the question you should be asking is “How do I sell my home… Continue reading The BIG 3 to Focus On to Sell Your Home For Top Dollar

INVESTOR CASE STUDY: Flip Property in Established Neighborhood

Property Need: Flip property under $250K, cosmetic renovations only Subject Property: 1-Story home in Austin, great access to I-35, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 1,888 SqFt. Financials: List Price: $268,000 Purchase Price: $239,250 Total Cash Contributions by Investor: $47,284.96 Rehab Budget: $60,000 Projected Sales Price: $340,000 Projected Hold Period: 6 months Projected Profit after Closing… Continue reading INVESTOR CASE STUDY: Flip Property in Established Neighborhood

Relationships to Manage in a Real Estate Negotiation

One of the many functions of your real estate agent is to be an expert negotiator on your behalf in your real estate transaction. Part of being an expert negotiator is understanding the different relationships involved in the negotiation. Once you understand who is involved, and their motivations, it is all up to negotiating tactics.… Continue reading Relationships to Manage in a Real Estate Negotiation

Your Austin November To-Do List

Looking to fill your calendar this month? Check out this local guide for events, business openings, meetings and more in November and December. November 7 | Election Day features local ballot propositions Austin residents can head to the polls with Austin ISD proposing a $1.05 billion bond for 21st-century enhancements to its schools and Travis… Continue reading Your Austin November To-Do List

Picking the Right Agent – Team vs. Individual

Hiring is a skill few people become very good at doing. It isn’t because they are incapable of doing it well. It is more a result of the fact that most people work their whole lives and are only the hiring manager a handful of times. Little experience in hiring is even more common when… Continue reading Picking the Right Agent – Team vs. Individual

Competing on Unrecognized Battlefields

It is nearly impossible in today’s world to completely differentiate yourself as a company. If you do and enjoy success, you can expect a host of competitors that will strive, and succeed in many cases, to copy your value proposition. So where does that leave us as leaders? Our job as the visionary is to… Continue reading Competing on Unrecognized Battlefields