How to Set Your Investment Real Estate Goals

It’s the start of the year and undeniably people are doing everything they can to be better. The answer for improving your results, according to many, start with writing goals down for yourself. Step Two would be identifying someone to hold you accountable for performing the activities needed to accomplish those goals, but that lesson… Continue reading How to Set Your Investment Real Estate Goals

Picking the Right Agent – Team vs. Individual

Hiring is a skill few people become very good at doing. It isn’t because they are incapable of doing it well. It is more a result of the fact that most people work their whole lives and are only the hiring manager a handful of times. Little experience in hiring is even more common when… Continue reading Picking the Right Agent – Team vs. Individual

Competing on Unrecognized Battlefields

It is nearly impossible in today’s world to completely differentiate yourself as a company. If you do and enjoy success, you can expect a host of competitors that will strive, and succeed in many cases, to copy your value proposition. So where does that leave us as leaders? Our job as the visionary is to… Continue reading Competing on Unrecognized Battlefields

Focus On The Best, Be Prepared For The Worst

I have visited with a few business leaders recently that have reminded me of an important mindset I maintain that is so integral my team’s job/life satisfaction. Leaders must focus on the best case and be prepared for the worst case. Most people naturally conjure up the worst case scenario or dwell on the bad… Continue reading Focus On The Best, Be Prepared For The Worst