5 Millennial “Roadblocks” to Homeownership

As a Millennial myself, I strive to find a financial solution that affords my family more resources for entertainment, travel, and paying off that student debt. When I entered the real estate sphere, I realized that the solution is simple and surprisingly more attainable than you may think: Homeownership. Many Millennials associate homeownership primarily with… Continue reading 5 Millennial “Roadblocks” to Homeownership

Creating the Goal List to Find Your Perfect Home

My McCombs MBA education taught me that creating a “box” for innovation can increase an individual’s ability to be creative. The idea is that when you create boundaries for your mind to stay within, your brain will move into productive thought faster than it would without this structure. I have deployed this method in multiple… Continue reading Creating the Goal List to Find Your Perfect Home

How to Choose the Right Agent – and PERSON – For You

There are 9,561 real estate agents who are affiliated with the Austin Board of Realtors at the timing of this article’s release. That means approximately 1 out of every 100 Austinites is a licensed real estate agent. With such a wide variety of people to choose from, how do you know you are choosing the… Continue reading How to Choose the Right Agent – and PERSON – For You